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Friday, June 24, 2011

so bad !

like i said before my post today is about my result right ? 
em yeah right my result was so bad ! 
ak memg da agk da yg result mem2 ak mesti much much better than me :'(  
felt so sad until want to cry right now ! yup memg slh ak pong kan . 
sape suroh ta study betolbetol ! jujo ak memg jeles gile laa kan nan dyeorg yg pandaipandai nih !
untung laa result gempak :') drpd ak nih yg result terok mcm hape ! 
sedih gile laa kan :'( ak rase mcm ak nie bodo gile !
but saba jea kay just steady . memg slh sendiri pong kan .
emm oke btw tengs to my dear jihan and shasha sbab tady tenang kan ak :)
law ta memg da melimpah limpah laa ak nanges !
LYSM kawan :) ehee TY kay 

oke nie laa result ak yg sgt terok bagai nih ==''

BM : A-
BI : C+
Math Mode  : A-
Add Math : C-
Bio : E 
Physic : G 
Chemist : C-
PAI : A-
Sej : B-
LK : G 

oke next mision

  •              no more failed or E in exam after this !
  • make sure must get more A
  •  try to study smart 
  • at least my marks get C or D but kalau bole ta nk D !
  • first berusaha dulu after that must berdoa then baru laa bole tawakal kay 
  • just let be anyone that annoying !
  • bia kan org nk buad ape pong asl kan ak tetp jadik diri ak :)
  • no need to think rediculous thing ==''
  • important thing is must obey to any direction from my mom ( i will try =='')
  • try to learn from mistake that i have done before 
  • so important is must change my self first !
  • don't miss to pray and ask ALLAH to help :)
  • must be strong and don't easly give up !

oke now i will fullfil my mision :) hope i can do it ! pray foe me yup :) and not forget 
tengs to all my frend that had help me so much before this :) 
i will always remember all your kindhearts !
ILYSM dear byebye :) 

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